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A-Base Software Solutions Providing Business IT Solutions.

Professional Software Services

Website Solutions

Internet & Intranet based initiatives are my specialist area. Web based systems can be used to improve your marketing systems, provide e-commerce solutions, allow public or your staff to access chosen information, business-to-business integration or many other initiatives. Give me a call to discuss how these might be of benefit to your business.

Custom Application Development

Application Development practice focuses on development of enterprise-specific applications. I can deliver solutions using a broad range of development tools, including technologies from leading companies such as Microsoft, Borland, Sun and many others.

Productivity Solutions

Office Task Automation

Many time-consuming, repetitive office tasks can be automated. I can analyse your workflow processes and identify possible options to automate tasks to save time, money, and in some cases your employees’ sanity.

Spam, Virus and Worm Filtering

Is Spam under control? Dealing with this growing issue has an enormous daily impact on office productivity. I can implement solutions to control spam and help protect your network from viruses and worms. Training can also educate users on the proper steps to take to protect their computers and your network.

Software Integration, Data Conversion and Processing

Does your business utilize legacy software that is the basis of your operations? We provide complete software integration and data conversion services that will allow for the integration of your current systems with other applications, and the ability to access and manipulate your data using other tools.

Personalized Training

Does your staff realise the full capabilities of the software applications used within your office? Chances are, there are features and functionalities in your current software applications that aren’t being used, simply because your users are unaware that they exist, or how these tools could make their job easier and save them time.

I can provide one on one training or small groups. Get the most out of your applications and increase your office productivity by utilizing my training services.

Office System Solutions

Hardware and Software Installations and Upgrades

Is your network running at peak performance? Has it become quicker to walk over and hand someone a document than it is to send it electronically? I can provide a detailed, documented inventory of your current infrastructure and recommend any hardware or software upgrades to improve performance and efficiency.

Disaster Recovery: Planning, Testing and Deployment

Does your business employ a comprehensive Disaster Recovery Plan? How quickly could your business be back up and running in the event of an emergency? I can provide a complete Disaster Recovery Plan, including planning documentation, testing and deployment procedures.

Internet Security

Do you know exactly how secure your network is? A secure network and firewall are key areas of your infrastructure that should be locked down to protect sensitive information and the integrity of your corporate data. I can provide a detailed analysis of your network and identify any areas that need attention. I specialize in firewall configuration and stateful packet inspection, ensuring the best possible protection for your network.

Secure Remote Access via Virtual Private Network (VPN)

With a secure VPN connection, your information workers can remotely access your internal network server and also their desktops. Broadband can now provide the flexibility of having 24/7 access to your data.